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What do you need to do to dive with Muscat Divers? Well the first thing is to come and visit the club so contact us via email(please note the additional dots at the end of the email address need to be removed, this is a measure to combat spam!) or telephone (96859243 or 95218469) and we can arrange a time and date.

Download Medical Form PDF

If you like what you see then the next thing is paperwork! There is a self assessment medical form which needs to be completed and can be downloaded here.

Then you need to become a BSAC member, which involves another form that is supplied by Muscat Divers' Hon Secretary or available at the club.

Download Membership Form PDF Lastly, there is the Club membership form which again needs to be completed and can be downloaded here, and the paying of club dues

So what do you get for the money?

Well to start with, when you join BSAC, you get a years subscription to Dive magazine, and third party insurance. More importantly, with membership of Muscat Divers, you can dive as much as you like! Some members managed over 100 dives last year! The cost of diving is covered under the club dues which are fixed and payable every six months which means, the more dives you do the cheaper it becomes!

Then there is training, do you want to be a better diver? An instructor even? Or maybe just fancied driving the boat? Well with Muscat Divers all of this and more is available and, the only cost is for your course text books, the training is free!!!!

But, and there is always a but, we are a club and this means that you don’t have someone to load and unload your kit, or a friendly member of staff to provide tea and biscuits and you will be expected to muck in and help out, but that is what being a club member is all about, isn‘t it?

Out on the boats

If you have never dived before and you would like to try, come down and talk to us. You don't have to commit until you decide that diving is for you and, your children will be more than welcome to join you as long as they are twelve years or over.

Please remember, that if you join BSAC it does not mean that you are no longer associated with your original dive organization, just that you are also a member of the largest dive club in the world.

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