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Muscat Divers being a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club is required to have four committee members. Elected from the members and by the members, they are the Chairman, the Secretary, the Diving Officer and the Treasurer. Below are the current members of the committee, as well as some of the sub-committee responsible for helping to run the club and ensure that the diving is as pleasurable as possible.


Freddie Lamb - Chairman

Or Chairman Lamb as I like it, although no one has gone out and got little red dive logs yet, despite my best wishes! I started my illustrious diving career in Stony Cove, a muddy little gravel pit in Leicestershire, England, when I was 14, and so all the diving since then has been a bonus really! I love the diving here in Oman, and being a lazy diver the warm calm sea is a real bonus. There really is something for everyone down there and the aim of the game as far as Iím concerned is to get as many people into the water to see it and back safely as we can.

John Colquhoun

John Colquhoun - Diving Officer (DO)

I Joined BSAC in 1981 after learning to dive with the Scottish Sub Aqua Club whilst at school. I qualified as an Advanced Instructor (A. I. 655)in 1986. I am an ex military Diving supervisor and have dived and led expeditions and clubs in many parts of the world. I enjoy teaching and introducing new divers to the underwater world. My work in Oman is not in Muscat but I come up every weekend that I can.


Nicola Saville (Nicky) - Hon Secretary

I am a little OCD about spelling and paperwork which is probably why I ended up with the job as secretary. I have a feeling it could be mine for some time to come. I am one of the newest members of the team, having only been diving with Muscat divers since last June; however, they are not a bad bunch and can't think of many better ways to spend my weekends than underwater.


Graham Alger - Hon Treasurer

As the only one able to count using my fingers I have volunteered to help out the club with the support of my good lady wife who can count with bigger numbers.


John Colquhoun - Training Officer

A position which is separate in larger clubs with more instructors, normally delegated from the Diving Officer. I have been teaching with the BSAC for many years. Currently I am a BSAC Advanced Instructor (A.I.655)having qualified as such in 1986. I like to see the underwater world through the eyes of the new divers. Every trainee is different and each takes their own time to become comfortable underwater. If you keep coming back we will keep training you.


Vacant - Equipment Officer

This post is currently vacant but by default becomes the Diving Officers responsibility





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